Howard Stern Buys Luxurious $52 Million Florida Mansion
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Howard Stern Buys Luxurious $52 Million Florida Mansion

Howard Stern Buys Luxurious $52 Million Florida Mansion
The news is now official. Judge on popular American show America’s Got talent, Howard Stern  has bought the $52 million beachfront mansion in Florida, USA. Textile tycoon Martin Trust had put the mansion up for sale and Howard Stern was lucky enough to buy the same, considering the impeccable views the mansion offers of the Florida's coastline.

The property has over five bedrooms and has a covering area of around 19,000 square foot, thus making it luxurious in true sense. An outdoor pool adds to the ambiance of the property and Howard Stern can expect to spend some private moments with his family at the beach side mansion.

As per Palm Beach Daily News, this is one of the biggest property sale of the year in the region. Howard Stern who is also a radio broadcaster had been searching for a pristine location for his wife Beth Ostrosky and the Florida beachfront mansion has seemed to make this possible for Howard.

The garden in the property have been beautifully tended and the mansion is covered by high walls from all side, thus ensuring adequate privacy for Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky, which they might be seeking to remain away from public gaze and enjoy some memorable moments, when at home.

The custom build Palm was build in 1992 in an area measuring 3.25 acres and lies South of the Palm Beach Country Club in Florida. The mansion offers exclusive views of Florida’s coastline and Howard can rejuvenate himself for his hectic schedule by spending some private moments at the property alongside his wife Beth Ostrosky for whom he has purchased the exclusive property.

Howard Stern is among United State of America’s most popular DJ’s and has always been in the news for his controversial styles. Having a career spanning over two decades, Howard aged 59 has an estimated worth of over $500 Million and is a multifarious personality. Besides featuring on Television for various shows, Howard has been into writing and photography along with several other things.

Howard currently features on the panel of America’s Got Talent. Others on the panel include Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Mel B. Howard can consider himself special as he is now the owner of this mansion in Palm Beach area in Southern Florida. The resident’s motto here is to be the ‘best in everything’ and by having a neighbourer as Howard Stern, the area will turn into the best in everything in true sense.

The Palm Beach area in Southern Florida has always been in the limelight as famous personalities as John Lennon, Michael Jackson and Kennedy Clan have lived here at some point and by having Howard Stern as one of its residents; the area is once again making news. Howard Stern had also hinted about purchasing a new property on his television show last month. Though speculations were ripe that the star was considering to buy a beachfront property in Florida to save some taxes that had to be paid in New York but the star remained non committal and only pointed out that he was looking for the property as he wanted a serene and calm place to live.      
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