Hublot goes extra-thin with its limited edition skeleton watch
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Hublot goes extra-thin with its limited edition skeleton watch

Hublot goes extra-thin with its limited edition skeleton watch
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In the upcoming Baselworld 2012 event, Hublot will be showcasing another limited edition skeleton watch which will bring in a new concept in Hublot palette. Till date, the commonality in Hublot designs, apart from the chassis shape, has been Generic Paxil the level of thickness of each timepiece. Whether it was the

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Just like most watches from Hublot, this extra thin watch series will bear the very signature like rugged design, which features the screws holding the casing together on the outer ring itself, and the rugged but modern round shaping. On the inside of the 45mm dial, one would see a rather aesthetically exposed skeleton which draws the wearer’s attention to the balance and escapement within the timepiece. Other than that, the markings on the side and the geometrically order Aciclovir online carved old world hour and minute hands are all too familiar for patronizers of the brand. Of course the seconds dial, features as a separate smaller dial at the 7 ‘o’clock slot.

Hublot limited edition extra thin Titanium watch

Looking deeper within the engine, one would find the HUB 1300 hand-wound skeleton movement, which has a total of 123 components, 23 of which are jewels. The vibration rate of this machine is 21,600 vibrations per/hour, and can work without stopping for 90 hours at a stretch before needing a hand wound rewind. The watch which is barely 2.9mm thick at the center can resist water depths of 50 meters. On the casing, there is the popular anti-reflective scratch resistant sapphire crystal coating. However, the options which include 18K King Gold, Furosemide online dapoxetine online review dapoxetine premature ejaculation review Priligy without prescription will have only 500 pieces available for sale, and the Titanium which will have a total of 1,000 editions made. The straps are however common, with a black alligator leather stitched rubber wristlet on both of them.

Via: Hublot

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