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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 40 Million
Hugh Laurie lifestyle on Richfiles
Hugh Laurie lifestyle on Richfiles
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Born on: 11th Jun 59 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor, Writer and Director
Hugh James Laurie is an acclaimed British actor whose stint into showbiz began while acting along with his comedian friend Stephen Fry in the laugh riot “Fry and Laurie”. The actor specializing in the comedy genre has been honored with many prestigious honors like the Screen Actors Guild and Grammy awards for his portrayal of Dr. Gregory House in the popular TV sitcom “House”. The Guinness Book of World Records has named Laurie as the highest paid TV actor in the world. The Briton's life has been a typical rags to riches story. His awesome acting skills have transformed him into a high net worth individual whose personal fortune is valued at 40 million USD. Film and television assignments have generated millions for the actor who charges a mindboggling fee of $400000 per episode for the TV sitcom “House”. Laurie has inked high value endorsement deals with British Telecom giant BT and cosmetics MNC L’Oreal. The comedian’s dream of owning a luxurious villa was realized when he purchased a mansion worth $4 million in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles about 4 years back. Laurie spends most of the time in the US with his family and occasionally travels to his native city of London to unwind. The actor is an avid biker and loves riding his Triumph Bonneville motorcycle. Vintage cars like the 1966 Ford Galaxie convertible have also caught the artist’s fancy. The comedian prefers to pass his spare time by reading P.G. Wodehouse novels and is a great admirer of the late British writer. Hugh is a confirmed atheist. Charities helping out poor children like “Save the Children” and “Alliance for Children’s Rights” have received unstinting support from Hugh who has donated a lot of money to them in addition to participating in numerous fund raising efforts. Hugh Laurie was born in Oxford in a middle-class family to a homemaker mother and an Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist doctor father. The actor was the youngest of four siblings and had a difficult relationship with his mother due to her moody behavior towards him. Laurie has always preferred stability in his personal life over any other thing and has steadfastly steered clear of the controversies that plagued many celebrities. The performer married his longtime girlfriend theater administrator Jo Green almost a quarter century back and has been happily married to his ladylove ever since. The couple has been blessed with two sons and a daughter. It’s not always smooth sailing for Laurie though because of his struggles with severe clinical depression, a problem for which he is still undergoing treatment.
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Hugh Laurie Estates and Homes (1)

Magical garden paradise

Magical garden paradise of Hugh Laurie

The grouchy and sarcastic "Dr.House" finally bought a new house for himself - a mansion in Outpost Estates. After a $250,000 reduction, the listed price of the home was $3,999,000. The listing also names the home asMagical Garden Paradise.

Location: The new home for Hugh Laurie is located as part of Outpost Estates in Hollywood Hills, LA, California.

Accommodation: The gated, English county house measures 3,242 sq ft in area. It has ample accommodation with its 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. So vast is the accommodation that there is talk about Laurie relocating here with family! The house also has a guest house attached to it. The motorcourt can easily accommodate 3 cars.

Features: With a definite English-countryside feel to it, the house is a gated property that sits on 1.2 acres of real estate. The spectacular gardens, excellent views of the city, mature tree plantings, water features and hiking trails, make the house a nature-lover's delight. The kitchen is rustic in its style while the pool, atop the hill, is fresh and modern. There is also fully-equipped gym in the house. News is that the house needs a little refurbishing and it is ready to become a real paradise.

Neighborhood: This neighborhood in Los Angeles is home to more than a thousand celebrities, hence the name - Hollywood Hills.

Hugh Laurie Autos and Cars (3)

Cayman S Porsche

Cayman S Porsche

Hugh’s love of fast cars is satiated by his metallic black $70,000 Cayman S Porsche. The vehicle’s powerful 3400cc H6 engine delivers an output of 320HP and 251 lb-ft of torque. Superb acceleration is the hall mark of this iconic sports car and it can zoom to a speed of 100 km/hour from scratch in less than 5 seconds. Maximum speed possible is a very impressive 275 km/hour. The Bose surround sound system delivers a top class audio performance and the car can also be fitted with a TV tuner card. 

Triumph Bonneville motorcycle

Triumph Bonneville motorcycle

Laurie is an avid biker and loves to take out his black colored $12,000 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle for long rides. The machine’s classic spoke wheels, chromed headlights along with the retro styled tubular steel frame provide a vintage sixties look. The bike has a matching performance to go with its trendy looks and its air cooled DOHC 865cc parallel-twin fuel injected engine delivers 68PS of power along with 68Nm of torque. The seat is very comfortable and has a stylized look. A superb suspension system ensures a very convenient riding experience. 

1966 Ford Galaxie convertible

1966 Ford Galaxie convertible

The actor loves vintage cars and has been photographed several times driving around the streets of Los Angeles in his red colored 1966 Ford Galaxie convertible. The iconic car costs up to $30,000 and features a retractable sun roof. Its 7000cc 428-4V engine delivers a formidable punch of power and torque measured at 2800 rpm. The vehicle interiors are extremely spacious and the bucket seats have been upholstered with high quality leather. The convertible boasts of Ford’s unique 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic system and is equipped with an in-built radio. 

Hugh Laurie Cause (3)

Save the Children

British comic actor Hugh Laurie has been associated with the organization for a long time

Founded in the UK in 1919, the Save the Children Fund provides children affected by natural disasters and military conflict with emergency aid, education, medical care and economic assistance. British comic actor Hugh Laurie has been associated with the organization for a long time and contributes to it through the trust of his charity musical group “Band From TV”.

The Art of Elysium

Hugh Laurie with David Shore at NAMI Charity Celebration

The Art of Elysium was created in '97 and the organization encourages professional musicians, artists and actors to contribute their talent and time to workshops for children that are battling severe medical and health issues. Hugh Laurie contributes to the organization by forwarding proceeds from his band’s trust as well as by attending benefits like Pieces of Heaven Art Auction that support the organization.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Hugh Laurie at The Cast Of

Being an occasional sufferer of clinical depression, Hugh Laurie donates a lot of his time and money to organizations that help improve the quality of life for people living with mental illnesses. The National Alliance on Mental Illness is one of the primary beneficiaries of his band’s trust. The organization works towards funding research on prevention and cures for mental illnesses.

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