Human Regenerator: Personal well-being could cost over $500K

Andrea Divirgilio / April 13, 2009

human regenerator

This machine could be taken as the big daddy of all the fitness and well-being equipment. The Human Regenerator (The Life Machine) from the University for Aerospace Technology in Bremen, Germany, is a sophisticated device that combines painstaking scientific research with high-end technology to provide a new, superior solution to well-being. It’s a Quantum-Pulse-Device that imitates and generates the cellular body’s natural frequencies. The machine helps regenerate unsound cells, strengthens the immune system and enhances skin structure. Making use of the theories of quantum physics, the advanced magnetic rays from the life machine recharge the cells in the body with positive energy. A person enters the cocoon-like Human Regenerator when it’s in a vertical position. Once the touchscreen is activated, the machine moves into a horizontal position and then starts the regeneration process. For now, the Human Regenerator is available to the public only at the Talsie Spa of Jumeirah Dubai’s famed Burj al Arab. The good news is that they will be offering 50 units to private buyers this year. The Human Regenerator will set back the richest a hefty 420,000 euros (approx. US $553,400).

Via: LuxuryInsider

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