Hush: A perfect pod for personal retreat

Andrea Divirgilio / July 23, 2011

Hush: A perfect Privacy Pod for personal retreat

In this fast moving world, we all are constantly busy with some or the other thing, and hardly find time for ourselves. It’s difficult to devote even half an hour to our privacy and comfort. Therefore, to solve this problem, many designers are constantly designing some unique pieces of furniture that allow us to get cut from all the social elements, at least for some time. Earlier, we have seen designs like Nuovo personal pod that allows to read in solitude or Terrace Bar Seating pod that gives you some space. Yet again, this need of privacy was thought by recent design school graduate Freyja Sewell who has designed an innovative Seating Pod for the one who wants to hide himself in solitude.

This Seating Pod is aptly named as Hush and cuts you from all the social elements and gives you space to rejuvenate for some time. This piece is a pod like in shape and can be inflate in a womb like structure so that you can perfectly crawl inside a dark room. The slit on one side never closes completely so that you can peep out and get enough oxygen to breath in.

Although, we know it will be a bit weird to carry it somewhere along with you, but for the people who do not want to socialize at all, it is a portable one and can be carried anywhere you want. If you are a little eco conscious then let us tell you that this amazing piece is made of 100% wool that can be recycled. This pod is of multi-use as it can be converted into a regular couch to give your living room an elegant look. The designer has also made cushion to compliment this piece and filled it with 100% recyclable wool. The production will start in winters and the price will be out then. So, for now, just hide yourself in solitude and get relaxed.

Via: FastCoDesign

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