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ICTINEU 3 submarine for your deep sea adventures

Andrea Divirgilio / August 30, 2011

Ictineu 3 submarine

Since exploring the land has become an idea of the past amongst some circles, and with a thirst for knowledge of what’s life below water, there has been a huge surge in demand for accommodation and vehicles for travelling in that region of the earth. We have seen some creative and futuristic designs in our coverage of the Chartered submarines, and also a series of the most luxurious submarines which are the latest choice for the uber-rich. Creating its own space now, is the ICTINEW 3 submarine which combines an advanced design and technology to create a handy and rugged vessel for below water journeys.

The ICTINEU 3 has done what submarines would be expected to do other than just travel under water; to take of the delicate ecosystem there. The advanced technology of the vessel ensures that the functioning is perfectly smooth, while taking care of nature’s delicate balances down under. It basically combines advanced intelligence based control systems, technologically forward building techniques, communication and sensor technology to create the handy vessel which can be a perfect vessel for underwater film production, as well as scientific crusades and recreation outings, as there is still a lot to explore under water.

Ictineu 3 submarine inner structure

In terms of the its design, the front end comprises of a large transparent dome which gives a close view of what’s life-like under water, making the trip even more exciting. Though not the most spacious vehicle, the submarine has space for a couple of occupants, whereas the larger section is comprised of the complicated systems and engines, which gives the vessel a capability to survive under water for 12 days at a depth of 1200 meters below sea level, after which it would need to be back on the shore. There is also a certificate from the Germanischer Lloyd Company, a known authority in this space. The shape and comparatively compact size ensures that it can be carried along in yachts and ships with ease. For every aspirant of scuba diving expeditions and deep water explorations, this vessel is certainly what everyone has been waiting for.

Via: ICTINEU/ Vimeo

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