Ideas which helped inventors earn millions
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Ideas which helped inventors earn millions

Ideas which helped inventors earn millions

A simple idea can change your life. If you think that this is a tagline for another advertisement, you could well be mistaken. Below are listed some of the innovative ideas which have not only changed the inventors lives but have also inspired many budding entrepreneurs to try something unique.

3.)    Slankets

Slankets have evolved from a simple idea. The inventor Gary Clegg got this bizarre idea on a winter night when he was watching television and to swipe between the channels he had to take his hands out from the blanket.


This inspired him to create Slankets which are simply blankets with pockets. If you think that by making Slankets, Gary could not earn much, you could be mistaken. The turnout in November 2009 was in the range of $7 million. All this happened within 5 years of Gary setting up this business.

2.)    Red Shoe Soles

This idea evolved from a personal experience of a Irish teenager who is just 16. Tara Haughton had just bought a shoe for a family event. As she peeled off the sticker at bottom of the shoe, the red confetti stuck to the bottom of the heel.


This gave her the idea of designing a heeled shoe which had a red designer sticker. The sticker is now being shipped to people in 23 countries and these will soon be exported to dealers in Australia and United Kingdom.

1.)    Buying Domain Name

This can easily be considered to be the best innovative business idea ever. In 1990’s when internet was still in the nascent stage some budding entrepreneurs got the idea of buying cheap domain names to sell these at a future stage when internet got popular. These entrepreneurs bought generic domain names to be sold at a future date.



This proved to be the best decision of these entrepreneurs life. One of these entrepreneurs was Chris Clark. He bought the domain name for only $20. Considering the popularity of internet, the prices of domains started picking up and Clark was able to sell this domain name for a staggering $2.6 million recently.





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