iDesk – A complete workstation for all Apple buffs

Andrea Divirgilio / October 1, 2008

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Now that you have acquired all of the many Apple gadgets to come along in the past few years, you’re probably wishing you had the perfect place to organize them in an “Apple-like” fashion. The designer Paul Bichler has come to the rescue, by creating the exclusive iDesk, which is a neat platform that allows Apple users to keep their collection of MacBooks, iPod classics or nanos and even a 3G iPhone together for easy use. It is a workstation that clearly believes in keeping clutter out of sight. Completely compatible with Apple products, the wires of every gadget that play tangle with each other are kept out of site with style.

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And since white is the color that signifies cleanliness with elegance, the iDesk sports a seamless form drenched in white.
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Sporting a price tag of €2,200 ($3,100), this made-for Apple-users desk can be thoroughly explored in three-dimensional form on the product page.

Via: Behance/iDesk

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