Ikelite camera dock: Perfect companion for underwater photographing adventures

Andrea Divirgilio / July 28, 2011

Ikelite Underwater camera dock

With photography gaining popularity as a hobby and also as a profession, technology and innovation have come of age for the photography enthusiast. We recently showcased one such innovation called the Chess camera lens set which had the Nikon camera in a shade of black on the chess board. But, since various areas of the earth are being photographed especially underwater zones, Nikon has introduced the underwater camera dock station through the name Ikelite, meant for those who like capturing the scenes below water, especially scuba divers.

The dock mainly comprises of a heavy duty clear polycarbonate case which is highly durable, air tight and also completely corrosion free. It helps in keeping your camera safe to a depth of 200 feet, giving more freedom for exotic photography. This is enabled by the quad-ring seal gland that prevents water for seeping inside the dock. All functions of the camera work smoothly, expect for the diopter adjustment for which there aren’t any provisions in the dock yet.

But other advanced controls like super eye magnifier along with the LCD screen, allows for closer and a more accurate view under water. The recording and clicking is as easy as other complicated functions as most of the controlling is enabled on the side-handles which have the buttons & knobs, or the upper part of the dock, which enables easy access to controlling functions. After you are done with the dock, a few further presses of the button and you have your Nikon ready to be unloaded for viewing of the content inside.

Ikelite Underwater camera dock (back view)

So next time when you are planning your underwater adventure, be sure to keep aside $1400 for the Ikelite camera dock apart from your other expenses. With the multi-functional attributes, it gives extra features by enabling it to work under water. Lightweight and easy to use, it certainly looks like the perfect companion under water.

Via: Ikelite/ Ballerhouse

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