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Illusion Superyacht inspired by the Rolls Royce motorcar to lure China’s rich

Andrea Divirgilio / October 7, 2011

Illusion Superyacht inspired by Rolls Royce cars

Rolls Royce seems to have developed a special kind of affinity for the People’s Republic of China. A few years back, we had talked about the $3.8 million Rolls Royce Phantom car specially created for that country, and the recent Year of the dragon edition Phantom car, which too was based for Chinese buyers. Now, Illusion superyacht brings the designing cues of Rolls Royce cars to lure China’s affluent into buying yachts. Based on modern designs and perfection of craftsmanship, this superyacht is estimated to be complete in 2014.

Being built by Raffles shipyard, this 90-meter luxury yacht will feature a modern minimalistic theme, with all amenities of luxury included. Swimming pool, open air lounge areas with technology friendly designs, this vessel will be spacious enough to house 14 guest members and 27 members of the staff. These 14 guests will have double bedded staterooms to relax in, apart from the other amenities we spoke about.

Though not much of details about the yacht are available as yet, but it will have amenities like gymnasium, cinema theatre and spa to be a part of the plan, along with top brass rare specimens of Chinese art work for decoration. After the official 2014 launch, we might see wealthy Chinese buyers ordering this yacht according to their own preferences.

Illusion Superyacht inspired by Rolls Royce cars

In terms of the engine, there shall be 2 Rolls Royce marine engines which will generate 3000HP of displacement each. The maximum speed possible is pegged at around the 18-20 knots mark, and our safe guess for the cruising speed would be 2 to 3 knots lower than this. So, till 2014, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Via: Charter World/Raffles Yacht

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