Imperium creates customized Bentley Continental GT for an affluent UK customer
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Imperium creates customized Bentley Continental GT for an affluent UK customer

Imperium creates customized Bentley Continental GT for an affluent UK customer

Customized Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has always featured in the wish-list of the uber-rich buyers of luxury automobiles. We have showcased some customized examples including the diamond encrusted generic for phenergan 100 50 generic for phenergan 100 50 buy Promethazine Indocin no prescription Pink Bentley for Paris Hilton, the special edition China version and the James Bond Bentley by Carte Blance. Imperium, which is known for making such high-end customized cars, has created this red Bentley Continental GT for a wealthy UK customer, which matches some striking design elements from the customer’s choice.

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As the process goes, Imperium presents a series of probable product designs to the customers, who then choose and get those recreated according to their wishes. buying online hydroxyzine | buy medication without prescription from indian pharmacy. order atarax With constant feedback from the customers, the vehicle specifications are matched with the exact details of the customer wishes. This exclusive version of the luxury car contains some

This generous spread of carbon fiber makes the car ultra-light in weight, and allows for Professional Viagra without prescription the special finishing of the body that was also matched to the normal models. Other unique additions are ultra-light alloy wheels with customer selected design, optimized braking system, lowered suspension & ECU upgrade, and the special exhaust system which maintains the precise noise level as the customer wanted.

The interiors too have been fitted with some unique components. Several parts are made of carbon fiber, with generous use of luxury leather fabrication, wooden trimmings, ultra-suede and Plavix buy black piano finishing and also the bespoken special steering wheel which gives a supreme experience. With all these dream like detailing done, this particular specimen from Bentley is sure to stand out in the crowd, and ensure that the owner is really envied for the unique features of the vehicle.

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