In photos – World’s largest ‘multi-billion dollar’ airport terminal

Andrea Divirgilio / October 4, 2007

beijings new airport

China is the world’s largest country by population and in the year 2008, it would have the world’s largest and most advanced airport building. When Beijing’s new airport terminal opens in February next year, it will be about twice the size and half the cost. Designed by Foster and Partners, it would not only be advanced technologically-wise but, also in terms of passenger experience, operational efficiency and sustainability. Beijing’s new multibillion-dollar international airport terminal would be completed in time to welcomes athletes from around the world to the twenty-ninth Olympiad in 2008.

Covering 245 acres of floor space, the Terminal 3 of Beijing’s Airport is bigger than all five Heathrow terminals put together. The terminal enfolds a floor area of more than a million square meters and has been designed to accommodate an estimated 43 million passengers per annum, rising to 53 million by 2015. The high-ceilinged aerodynamic roof and dragon-like form of the new airport will celebrate the thrill of flight and remind traditional Chinese colors and symbols.

The new building will feature south-east orientated skylights, which maximize heat gain from the early morning sun, and an integrated environment-control system that minimizes energy consumption and carbon emissions. The whole thing has been designed in a short span of four years. The terminal building alone cost $2.8 billion, and $4.6 billion was spent on all the related infrastructure.

via Fosters&Partners

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