In ‘Roxxxy,’ the world’s first sex robot, lies the future of flesh trade

Andrea Divirgilio / January 12, 2010

With all the advancements in humanoid robots including Asimo, the cooking robot, the robot nurse and most recently Aiko, the fembot designed to give company to its lonely owner and creator Le Trung, there’s finally one for the sex maniacs – a sex robot called the Roxxxy TrueCompanion to kick-start a non-platonic relationship. Greg Hines, a former employee of Bell Labs and the creator of Roxxxy, has designed this life-sized sex robot to not just satiate your sex desires starting but also able to strike a pillow talk on topics that interests you. The doll is programmed in five different personalities including Frigid Farrah, Wild Wendy, Mature Martha, and more, and it features a computer, IO boards, servos, battery pack, an accelerometer, and ouch sensors and pressure sensors throughout her body to respond differently to touch. For example, if you hold Mature Martha’s hand, she may say “I love holding hands,” whereas if you touch Frigid Farrah she may say “What are you going to do with that hand?” You can even build custom profiles online and do some virtual swapping with your friend’s profile. Greg Hines promises an improved version in future (with that creepy face, we hope Hines will make her a bit attractive), the current ones will go on sale next week for $7,000 to $9,000.

Via: Gizmodo/Switched/Gearlog/Crave

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