Incredible aeronautical art by Giancarlo De Astis

Andrea Divirgilio / November 10, 2008

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Motoart is not the only company that turns vintage aviation parts into fixtures for the home and office. Giancarlo De Astis is a Los Angeles based designer who picks airplane parts dumped in Arizona junkyards and turns them into stylish furniture. During this inventive process, flaps, wings, canopies, turbines and other parts of aircrafts are reborn as distinct and functional furniture — desks, tables, credenzas, cabinets, and lamps. Some of his most amazing creations are the Latro Primo desk, the Lo Squalo club chair, and the Sole conference table. The Latro Primo ($5,500- $8,900) is made from the rear stabilizer of a Beechcraft 18/C-45. The Lo Squalo club chair ($5,000- $8,500) is made from the air cooling engine scoop of a DC6/7. The II Sole conference table ($10,000) has been inducted in The Smithsonian Institute’s National Air Space Museum and is made from the first stage of a Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine case fan.

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Customers can even customize these fixtures to suit their liking. Giancarlo precisely selects each airplane part that beams the brilliance of its engineered design. The kind of aeronautical art Giancarlo De Astis creates is sure enough to amaze the observers.

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Thanks Giancarlo

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