Inflatable Widescreen Outdoor Theater System

Andrea Divirgilio / May 8, 2007

widescreen outdoor theater 48

If you want to enrich yourself with a big screen experience right in the confines of your home then setting-up an inflatable screen in your backyard is the most opportune and impressive answer. Earlier, we presented to you the SuperScreen Outdoor Theater System from Frontgate. Now, you have the Widescreen Outdoor Theater to enjoy the latest blockbusters on either a 12-foot or an 8-foot inflatable screen. This high-quality outdoor entertainment package includes an Optoma projector with tripod, IR remote control, and a duffel bag for screen storage. The screen made of mesh-reinforced PVC delivers high-definition cinema quality, thanks to its HDTV compatibility and optimized settings. Video images can be projected up to 359-inches and you really need to have a gigantic swimming pool in that case. The price tag of $2,500-$3,000 is not that much budget-friendly but features of the system compensate for that.

via Uncrate

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