Inno Motion reinvents the office chair with $8,500 Ergonomic LimbIC Chair
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Inno Motion reinvents the office chair with $8,500 Ergonomic LimbIC Chair

Inno Motion reinvents the office chair with $8,500 Ergonomic LimbIC Chair

Combining the newest knowledge from medicine and neuroscience with ergonomics and results of the years of research at MIT to develop an innovative seating revolution, Patrick A. Künzler, MD, the founder of Inno-Motion, has now come up with a handmade to measure intelligent chair dubbed as LimbIC. Smashing all the expectation of what a chair should look like, LimbIC is described to be the first chair that selectively simulate specific touch points and movements of the human body, making it possible to sit straight effortlessly while remaining relaxed and flexible. Instead of offering one seating surface, buy Valtrex it offers two fully movable carbon-fiber seating shells from F1 race car production that are specifically designed to provide maximum freedom of movement, following not only each physical motion, but also optimal mental stimulation. Based on the ergonomics concept, we have also earlier seen the best ergonomics chairs for office executives.

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LimbIC chair’s unique design simulates the emotional seat in the brain (the limbic system) to connect energy, focus and creativity with our thoughts. The whole idea behind the development of this innovative chair was to revolutionize seating that delivers more movement, making static sitting healthier.

Ergonomic Intelligent Chair By Inno Motion boasts carbon fiber shells for $8,500

Due to the carbon-fiber shells designed according to the neurological and ergonomic criteria, sitting on LimbIC chair thus feels utterly weightless, delivering surprising effects on one’s mood, creativity and performance. Developed at order fluoxetine online, best deal and ultimate quality warranted, buy fluoxetine online no prescription cheap xenical new zealand online pharmacy cheap Clonidine cheapest prices pharmacy. buy zoloft . cheapest rates, buy zoloft online. MIT Media Lab, and handmade to measure in Switzerland, the LimbIC makes sitting straight effortless while remaining relaxed and flexible.

The LimbIC Chair also improves spinal health, as it offers effortless upright position that relieves the intervertebral disks by avoiding pressure points. Notably, LimbIC provides relief and long-term gentle training for those who suffer from acute or chronic back pain. The innovative chair dons a price treat adenoma of prostate tag of $8,500.

Also, we have earlier seen the luxury carbon fiber furniture that seemingly defies the laws of physics.

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Via: Inno-Motion / AhaLife

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