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Interactive Table Concepts

Andrea Divirgilio / November 13, 2006

interactive dining table 12
We have told you about some hi-tech tabletops in the past, including the interactive gaming tables, illuminated tables, and multimedia tabletop. And, if you are craving for some more then check-out the two interactive dining table concepts from the designer Moritz Waldemeyer who earned accolades with his digital kitchen island concept. The hi-tech table concept includes a Pong table and a Roulette table, the LED dining table. The Pong table uses integrated LEDs and touch pads to recreate the classic Pong game at the flick of a switch. So, you can enjoy the classic game anytime you want.

interactive table concepts 12
While the Roulette table is a new design approach to the classic casino game. The casino game is incorporated into the table through an illuminated map reflected from the lamp just above the table. The lamp reveals an inverted roulette wheel, the rolling ball of which is represented by moving lights circumnavigating the outer edge. The designs went on display at a show in London.

via DesignSite / DesignBoom

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