Introducing the Touch Revolution’s One-2-One interactive table

Andrea Divirgilio / July 24, 2010

touch revolution one 2 one interactive table

Keeping up with our fondness for interactive tables, here is the new One-2-One Interactive Table from the Touch Revolution team. The One-2-One interactive table can be used in any environment — a studio, shop, reception area or a living room. The interactivity can be activated or deactivated with an easy access key. The table integrates a 40-inch LCD monitor, and you can use it both as video screen and touchscreen computer. You can connect any file or device to the One-2-One table, thanks to the multiple input sources. You can do your office work, view files and projects, watch movies or play games on the One-2-One. Creating an innovative and unique interactive communication, the ergonomic One-2-One interactive table is designed to add some fun to the way we work and play.

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