Invicta S1
Invicta S1 | $ 106,000
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Invicta S1

Invicta S1

In production since 2004, the Invicta S1 is a sports car produced by British sports car manufacturer, Invicta, and is considered to be a one of its kind in the automobile world due to the fact that each and every specimen to come out of the company’s Wiltshire factory is manually assembled by a highly qualified team of technicians. When one buys an Invicta, he gets so much more than a stunning-looking, wonderfully crafted, 200mph machine. He gets a hand-built masterpiece with a body made from a single piece of carbon fibre, and the strongest frame ever tested by UK car safety officials. And, with a maximum of 50 made each year, one gets a level of exclusivity normally reserved for supercars. The car is produced in very limited numbers owing to its unique hand crafted manufacturing process and is considered by auto enthusiasts as an exotic limited edition sports car which scores nicely on several key parameters like speed, fast pickup, good performance and ease of handling. The most basic version of the S1 retails for around $155,000 and the price can shoot up to $237,000 for premium models loaded with all optional luxury features.



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A tastefully designed interior perfectly complements the seductive external look of the Invicta S1. Interiors of the vehicle sport an extensive all-aluminum trim level and have been fitted with an adjustable steering wheel. The cabin of the twin door S1 is pretty spacious and offer ample head space and legroom to its two occupants. The large seats come with lumbar support and have been upholstered using high end leather. Entertainment is provided by a high end audio system and the air conditioning system is world class. The boot is extremely spacious and the 100 liter fuel tank provides the sports car with an effective range of 800 km. A state of the art satellite based navigation system has also been installed. 



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The Invicta S1’s aerodynamic shape provides it with an appearance befitting a high end sports car of its class. It is considered to be first car in the world to sport a single piece carbon fiber body type and many experts consider its chassis to be the strongest ever built in the United Kingdom. Aerodynamic shape allied with a chassis completely manufactured from carbon composites have the beneficial effect of reducing vehicle weight and drag hence resulting in a net increase of speed. The S1 possesses a unique monk-fish exterior appearance owing to its low bumper and flat bonnet. The car comes with a decent range of metallic paint options like silver gray, chrome black and bottle green. 


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