Inviting functional sculptures by Splinter Works

Andrea Divirgilio / January 11, 2011

splinterworks tipsy

Splinter Works has earlier impressed us with the Wink cooking surface and the Vessel, a new spa design that elevates off the ground just like a hammock. Some more new functional sculptures from Splinter Works include the Shoot, Tipsy and the Dime Two. All the new pieces are handmade and have been produced in a limited number.

Shoot: Limited to three pieces, the Shoot is an interpretation of a great arc of water. The sculptural form expresses the implied momentum of a trajectory of water, rising steeply and forcefully, only to reach its pinnacle and burst over, falling deeply, forming a perfect arc. Materials used are carbon fiber and silver leaf.

Tipsy: Limited to eight pieces, this sculptural mini-bar piece plays with balance. The work appears neither to be able to stand up nor substantial enough to hold weight, yet through geometry and material technology, it is both completely sturdy and immensely strong. Like an outline sketch, a curved arc projects from the balancing curved base from floor to bar height, flattening horizontally to offer a bar surface. Materials used are carbon fiber with clear or pigmented lacquer.

Dime Two: A limited edition of 24 pieces, the Dime Two is an evolution of the original work, here the far semi-circular blade of rosewood is fixed to the wall, and the remaining blades counter-lever from it, creating a floating semi-sphere of tactile wood seemingly spinning from the wall. Materials used are carbon fiber, Santos rosewood veneer and silver leaf.

Thanks, Joanna Needham [Splinter Works]

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