Iordanov Vodka becomes toxic in Swarovski-studded bottle

Andrea Divirgilio / July 21, 2009

swarovski iordanov vodka

Vodka with its invigorating tang has always been one of the premium brands for the elite drinkers. However, the Iordanov Vodka, charging a Swarovski crystal for each drop, becomes even more toxic in the new Swarovski-studded bottles. Embedded with multifaceted Swarovski crystals, the chic bottle contains booze prepared with fine wheat and crystal clear Wasser Water from Northern Europe, which (I fear) might lose its magnetism surrounded by dazzling Swarovski crystals on the façade of the bottle. Coming in different versions, including a 1 liter luxury version for €75, 1 Liter Platinum Edition for € 85, 1 liter decadent version with 12,000 Swarovski stones for € 2.999 and 1 liter bottle with about 14,000 Swarovski crystals for € 2,999, the Swarovski-studded Iordanov Vodka bottles are intended for a different range of boozers. The handcrafted bottle not only touts glittering stones, but also comes finished with unbreakable material, so you could immortalize the memories of the Iordanov Vodka throughout your life.

swarovski iordanov vodka 1

Via: Iordanov

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