iPad controlled HUBLOT Morphosis safe from Doettling
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iPad controlled HUBLOT Morphosis safe from Doettling

iPad controlled HUBLOT Morphosis safe from Doettling

In what now seems to be a trend for Hublot, their latest partnership with Doettling has produced the Morphosis watch cabinet which is targeted towards taking care of high end watches, via an iPad! After the Swiss luxury watch brand partnered with JMC Lutherie recently for the limited edition Soundboard, they have now teamed up with a designer watch cabinet maker, for the Morphosis safe. Other than high quality, craftsmanship and technology will find a common platform in yet another exclusive offering, though targeted towards horological enthusiasts only. The cabinet carries with it a price tag for $204,644 each unit.

Hublot Doettling Morphosis watch cabinet

When it comes to the construction and built, the Hublot-Morphosis cabinet features a lot of modern sleekness in the packaging. Made with steel throughout, the cabinet features a matt black exterior. On the interior, where the watches are placed, the panels are created out of carbon fiber or the optional ultra-high grade Hublot rubber. On the top end, is the iPad dock which houses the tablet pc meant for usage to operate the watch cabinet. Like its other creations, Doettling has ensured that the docking port and the overall aesthetics around it are sleek and sophisticated as the rest of the unit.

The way this thing works is, the inner tube has the 2 panels each of which have 21 watches placed on them. With the help of a particular security code, the user gets access to the first panel of watches, and also information regarding each timepiece, separately. However, to access the 2nd panel the security code comes into play again, followed by the turn of 180 degrees to expose the 2nd panel of 21 watches who are also controlled the same way via the detachable iPad. This mechanism would allow the user to control functions such as direction, turns per day, sleep mode on particular occasions, boost mode for speed winding, and pausing if necessary. As for the customizations go, buyers can even look at getting a few extra drawers for storing jewelry, or a more advanced security system which could be unit to handle.

Partnership of Hublot and Doettling

For all those looking at other designs of such high-end variety, we would suggest glancing over the Lagerfeld & Doettling cabinet or the Kudoe Schli Matz Gigantis. Comparisons could spot out numerous differences apart from the price tag, but could give a comparative view on what one could choose to store luxury watches.

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