iPod Blazer from Park Avenue is perfect for office executives

Andrea Divirgilio / October 30, 2008

my blazer for ipod UXfva 48
We have already spotted a range of solar powered outfits and the latest in the line is the iPod Blazer from Park Avenue. The iPod controlling e-textile technology used in this stylish blazer is courtesy of QIO Systems, a firm that specializes in wearable electronics. The touchpad symbols are sewn under the jacket’s lapel and they look like the ones you have on your iPod. Simply put your iPod into the pocket and hook it up to the jacket to listen to your favorite tracks on the move and during office hours. Sounds fun…I would love to have one. Available in two shades, Classic Navy and Black, the iPod Blazer from Park Avenue retails for $301 at Park Avenue exclusive stores, The Raymond Shops and other leading stores in India.

Via: Talk2MyShirt

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