Is this the end for the cork on champagne bottles?

Andrea Divirgilio / May 6, 2009

maestro stopper

Designed by Alcan Packaging, the Maestro is a new device designed to open champagne bottles with the utmost ease. The best part is that the splendor associated with romantic trysts and race wins will be still the same. The gadget is being claimed not to spoil the sound of the bottle opening and the taste of the wine. It’s an aluminum lever and is now being tested by the champagne firm, Duval-Leroy. The Maestro will be fitted to 2,000 bottles of the premium champagne by Duval –Leroy. The device uses a plastic cover to grip the champagne bottle’s neck. The attached lever lifts the cap and breaks the seal. That sounds real easy and simple. Some critics have shown their concern over the effect of plastic on the taste of champagne and the bubbles escape; it would be really interesting to see if Maestro will give a shove to the champagne world. Will Gallic drinkers like it? It’s too early to comment. Anyway, it took three years of research and €1 million (£885,000) to come up with the Maestro. The Maestro could be dressed in a range of materials, including leather and fabrics.

Via: Dailymail/TimesOnline

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