Italian artist makes rifles and skulls in Swarovski crystals

Andrea Divirgilio / April 18, 2011

nicola bolla creations 2

What you see above is an AK47 assault rifle created entirely from Swarovski crystals by Italian sculptor Nicola Bolla. The contemporary artist uses Swarovski crystals to create stunning works of art, which include an AK47 assault rifle and remains of the human body. Visionnaire is now presenting Ossuary, a site specific project by Nicola Bolla, at the Milan Design Week (April 12-17, 2011) features 15 individual pieces, including skulls, a ribcage, thighbones and chests differently worn out by the passing of time.

An ossuary is a chest, building or a site made to serve as the final resting place of human skeletal remains in violent circumstances such as battles or epidemics. The artist has earlier created a series of toilets using crystals. The skulls and bones in the installation “Ossuary” aim to reflect the desire to overcome physical limits.

While the installation may seem disturbing, it has caused a stir at the Milan show. Renowned British artist Damien Hirst lately sparked a controversy with his baby skull that’s cast in platinum and festooned with 8,128 pave-set white and pink diamonds.

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nicola bolla creations

Via: DayLife/ChinaDaily/IPE Cavalli/DailyMail

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