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United States

Jack Black

Actor, Producer and Writer

Net Worth $ 40 Million
Jack Black
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  • Birthday28th Aug, 69
  • Birth PlaceUnited States
  • Marital statusMarried
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Jack Black is an American actor who is known around the world for his comedy roles. Also a voice artist, writer and producer, Black has been a lead vocalist for Tenacious D, the rock satire group. Black’s acting career began when he appeared in a TV commercial for the video game “Pitfall” at age 13. After taking a break from acting to finish high school, Black returned to acting with prime time television playing a number of roles in TV series like “The X-Files”, “Picket Fences”, “Mr. Show”, “Northern Exposure” and “Life Goes On”. Black slowly made the transition into movies appearing in a supporting role in a number of Hollywood films like “Enemy of the State”, “Mars Attacks!”, “The Fan”, “Waterworld”, “Judge Dredd” and “Airborne”. His role as a wild record store employee in the 2000 film “High Fidelity” earned Black a lot of recognition and he was offered the lead role in the comedies like “Shallow Hal” and “Saving Silverman” in 2001. After the success of his solo ventures, Black went on to star in a number of other commercial successes like “Gulliver's Travels”, “Year One”, “Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny” and “Nacho Libre”. For his role in the film “School of Rock”, Black earned a Best Actor nomination in the Musical Or Comedy category at the Golden Globes. In 2005, Black made a rare dramatic appearance in the film “King Kong”. Black then voiced the title role in the animated film “King Fu Panda” and its sequel. In 2012, Black starred as Bernie Tiede a real-life murderer in the black comedy "Bernie". Thomas Black aka "Jack" Black has a net worth of around $40 million. Even though the actor has not revealed his earnings extensively, he is known to have been paid $1 million for his 2001 film "Saving Silverman" and $2 million for the film “Shallow Hal” released in the same year. In 2002, he was paid $2 million for his role in the film “Orange County”. When he isn’t busy with his acting career, Jack Black likes to pursue hobbies like playing chess and croquet. Also a self professed dog lover and outdoors person, Black enjoys long walks on the beach. One of Jack Black’s favorite though little known hobby is numismatist and he enjoys collecting and discovering old coins. Not much is known about Jack Black’s private life while he was struggling to establish himself as a comic actor in mainstream Hollywood movies. In December 2005, Jack Black announced his engagement to cellist Tanya Haden. Haden had attended Crossroads school with Black though the couple only became romantically involved after running into each other at a friend’s birthday party 15 years later. The couple got married Big Sur, California in March 2006 and welcomed their first son, Samuel Jason in June 2006. The couple had another son, Thomas David in May 2008. Even though he describes himself as an atheist, Black has openly stated that he would be open to sending his children to a Jewish school.


  • You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.
  • My children are magical creatures and I love them to death.
  • I think of myself as an entertainment arsenal. Like I have my acting bazooka and my music machete. And you don't know what I'm going to come at you with.
  • Let's face it, the great comedians now that are handicapped in the looks department are tremendous writers.
  • When I was a kid, I thought I was the strongest man in the world. Then, the fastest runner and then the smartest person in the world. One by one my delusions got shut down. Now I just see myself as the lamest guy in the world.

Did you know?

  • He Hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 2002 along with Sarah Michelle Gellar.
  • He is also known as JB or Jables, is the lead singer for the rock comedy band Tenacious D. Along with Kyle Gass.
  • He described himself as an atheist; but now that he is a father, he has decided to raise his children in the Jewish faith.
  • He has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

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