Jack Row launches precious metal fountain pens with Harrods
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Jack Row launches precious metal fountain pens with Harrods

Jack Row launches precious metal fountain pens with Harrods

Known goldsmith and facilitated designer Jack Row, has now ventured into lending his expertise for creating high-end writing instruments, called the ‘architect’ series. Bring in British finesse and eye for perfection, Jack Row has created these limited edition fountain pens Strattera No Prescription using precious metals and gemstones, which have been a matching pair of shirt cufflinks for a perfect pair. To give this collection the perfect launch into the high-end bracket of consumers, Jack Row has tied up with Harrods, the world’s most prestigious departmental store, Pianki- US based intenet luxury retailer, and La Couronne de Comte who specializes in retailing writing instruments.

Jack Row yellow gold and sapphire pen

Since architecture has been a large source of inspiration for numerous luxury pens, we weren’t surprised that this is the same for the Jack Row pens. ‘Gherkins’, one of London’s most known landmarks seems to have triggered his thoughts, and during his stint at the Birmingham School of Jewelry, he took his inspiration and created an art form with the ‘architect’ series of pens. The award winning prototypes were then presented to Harrods, who were impressed by his design, and decided to back him for selling those pens through buy Promethasin online their chain of stores. This series includes numerous options such as:

· l'atarax est prescrit sous forme de comprime a 25 mg generic atarax 18K Yellow gold and sapphire

Jack Row yellow gold and sapphire pen packaging

Having an 18K yellow gold internal column with a curved spiral, and the nib of the similar metal, there are numerous small sapphires, mainly blue ones on the pen’s cap crowning and body. Produced in a limited edition of 88 pieces, they are priced at $34,325 each. The matching cuff links (shown above) would be an 18K fluoxetine price australia . can you take without food 6 weeks how long do synthroid side effects last can you buy prozac online prozac sale uk. what side effect white and yellow gold pair, priced at $11,790 each.

· Sterling silver and black diamond series

Jack Row black diamond and sterling silver pen

Slightly less elaborate than the first buy Sildenafil Citrate of the series, this pen has the similar yellow gold internal column and nib, but has the spiraling design outside made of sterling silver. Black diamonds have been placed on the pen’s cap. They come in a limited edition of 888 pieces, with a price tag of $10,360 each.

· 18K white gold and white diamonds

Jack Row white gold and diamond pen

This is the most expensive pen buy fluoxetine online , fluoxetine hcl 20 mg side effects, 90 fluoxetine hcl . of the lot; this pen has an 18K white gold body, which has been bestowed with white diamonds near the crowning on the pen. Also the cap receives a single white diamond on top. This too shall be made in a limited edition series of 88 units with each being priced at $38,890 each.

The other options of the cuff links have also been included in the gallery below. However, if diamonds are your weakness, then Montblanc Diamond Solitaire and the Amosu Diamond pen generic deltasone 20 mg - deltasone (prednisone), generic prednisone cvs generic brand prednisone. can you take 6 prednisone at one time might be suitable options to choose from.

Via: Jack Row

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