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Jackie Chan Net Worth

Net Worth $ 140 Million
Jackie Chan
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Born on: 7th Apr 54 Born in: China Marital status: Married Occupation: Acting, Entertainment
Jackie Chan net worth is estimated at $130 million. Well known for his extraordinary martial arts and screwball physical humor, Hong Kong born Jackie Chain is an international film star and an adorable celebrity in the world. Born as “Chan Kong-sang” in a poverty stricken family,  Jackie Chan net worth started to accumulate at his mid teens as a stuntman and later attained a celebrity status as the latent successor of late Bruce Lee, on account of his acrobatic fighting style and innovative stunts. The talented global star was even featured in numerous action games, based on several of his block buster movies, making him a role model among children. Apart from being a triumphant actor, the legendary artist has also served the entertainment industry as a producer, director, screen writer and singer which in return expanded  Jackie Chan net worth . Before appearing as an acrobat and stunt man in his early career, Chan learned martial arts, drama, acrobatics, and singing at the Hong Kong boarding school “Chinese Opera Research Institute”. Ever since Chan got his first break, the king of Hong Kong cinema starred in a string of kung fu movies including comedy buster “Drunken Master”, “The Fearless Hyena”, “Half a Loaf of Kung Fu” and “The Young Master” making him the highest paid actor in Hong Kong and a great star throughout Asia booming  Jackie Chan net worth . Highly inspired by “Buster Keaton” and “Bruce Lee”, the Hong Kong’s cheeky and adorable star also got tremendous success in Hollywood with his blockbuster “Rush Hour” and its sequel, for which the talented star earned a massive $15 million and a record-breaking box-office haul. The one man film industry also founded his production company and modeling agency which became contributory factor to  Jackie Chan net worth . Owner of the production company “Golden Way” and modeling agency “Jackie’s Angels”, the international actor is one of the wealthiest celebrities in the planet. Adding a cute charisma to  Jackie Chan net worth is his generosity and philanthropic endeavors  with interests in conservation, animal healing, disaster relief and has announced to donate half of his assets on death. An inspiring film personality and martial art expert, Jackie Chan is also a good friend of the action superstar Sylvester Stallone. The 57 year old actor is married to the Taiwanese actress “Lin Feng-Chiao” and has one child.
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Jackie Chan Estates and Homes (1)

Beverly Hills Mansion

The French inspired villa cost Jackie Chan $3 million in 1998. the gated estate has a two-story entry, large formal spaces, a gourmet kitchen with a rotunda nook, six bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. Its main feature is the wood-paneled family room with a step-down bar and a temperature-controlled wine closet The house also has three fireplaces.

Jackie Chan Private jets (1)

Legacy 650

Jackie Chan's jet

Hong Kong’s most adorable star owns a majestic jet “LEGACY 650” which he bought for a reported sum of $30 million after getting a heavy discount on the actual price. Patriot Jackie customized his new jet with his personal logo featuring yellow and red colors of China’s flag. The marvelous jet was kept on display at the “Singapore Air Show 2012”, before it became Jackie’s private asset. Featuring three different cabin zones, “LEGACY 650” offers ample space to comfortably accommodate up to 13 passengers. It also incorporates a massive “240 cubic foot” baggage compartment and is gifted of up to eight hours flight to anywhere. Equipped with powerful Rolls Royce engines, intuitive cockpit controls, fully equipped wet galley, automated systems and "Honeywell Primus Elite" avionics suite, the ultra-large aircraft offers an atmosphere in which passengers can rest or work with optimum ease and comfort."

Sink for washing-up

Sink for washing-up
Sink for washing-up, inside Legacy 650 all the amenities are within easy-reach

Hot and fresh food

Hot and fresh food
There is a microwave placed in jet to heat up food onboard

The coffee maker

The coffee maker
The compact coffee maker for the owner and the guests, it also offers stand-up shower and walk-in aft baggage area

Spacious Legacy 650

Spacious Legacy 650
The Legacy 650 is very spacious with three distinct cabin zones

Storage facility for beverages

Storage facility for beverages
Storage facility for beverages

Legacy 650

Legacy 650
Marshall arts expert and superstar, Jackie Chan poses in his Embraer Legacy 650 that bears his logo as well

Jackie Chan Autos and Cars (2)

Bentley Mulsanne

Sabru Impreza Evo : Upgraded Body

Jackie Chan Cause (4)

World Smile Foundation

Jackie Chan supports World smile foundation. In this picture  Jackie Chan poses with students during an event hosted by International Student Cultural Exchange  in Beijing

The actor has extensively campaigned for this NGO which started in 2001. It’s central mission is to concentrate on minor grass roots charitable acts which generally don’t receive much attention from big time donors in addition to propagate the power of the smile and a kind deed.

Kids Wish Network

Jackie provides generous donations to this children’s charity.

Jackie provides generous donations to this children’s charity. Founded in 1997 by Shelley Breiner, Kids Wish Network strives to help children worldwide. The organization's main aim is to grant the last wishes of children suffering from terminal diseases.

Dragon’s Heart Charity

Jackie Chan in Thailand for his Dragon’s Heart Charity event

Jackie Chan started the charity in 2004 with an aim to reach out to the poor students and senior citizens residing in the remote areas of China. It has helped needy students by building over 24 schools, providing free uniforms and books in addition to raising millions of dollars for their well-being. Elderly people are also supplied wheelchairs and warm clothing.

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation

The actor founded his own philanthropic organization in 1988, with an main aim to provide aid to the youth of Hong Kong in the form of scholarships and active aid.

The actor founded his own philanthropic organization in 1988, with an main aim to provide aid to the youth of Hong Kong in the form of scholarships and active aid. It has expanded its mandate over the years and now provides medical services to the needy in addition to helping out the victims of natural calamities.

Jackie Chan Brands (2)

Burberry “Jack” Exploded Check Shirt

The actor has been snapped in the Burberry “Jack” Exploded Check shirt leaving the BBC studios In London.

The actor has been snapped in the Burberry “Jack” Exploded Check shirt leaving the BBC studios In London. It’s a button front shirt with long sleeves, which also features a spread collar, clean front and interestingly, no pockets.

Curts & Co. Big Time World watch

The actor proudly sports this expensive Swiss watch.

The actor proudly sports this expensive Swiss watch. Powered by Swiss Quartz featuring Swiss Ronda Movement, it comes in a 50 mm stainless steel case and features a black dial, sapphire crystal coating, and strap made of leather.

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