Jacob & Co. designs world’s most expensive diamond cufflinks

Andrea Divirgilio / May 11, 2012

For most women, expensive jewelry with carefully cut precious stones is money well spent. Diamonds, emeralds and rubies coupled with platinum and gold are enough to make any woman go weak in the knees. But the men’s accessories market is outperforming the women’s market say Bain & Company’s luxury goods worldwide market study. We have earlier told you about the most expensive accessories for men. Aside from watches and rings, cufflinks are the ideal way for men to touch up their garbs. And, if money is not an option, then the canary diamond cufflinks by Jacob & Co. are the ultimate in luxury, and the most expensive cufflinks (in literal sense).

Canary diamond cufflinks

Jacob & Co. has been creating luxurious jewelry and timepieces for both men and women for over 25 years. Class and elegance are the underlying themes in all of its products which are sought after by the rich and famous alike. The canary diamond cufflinks, pegged to be the most expensive in the world, are testament to the attention to detail that underlines its range of jewelry. The pieces are carefully crafted out of 18k white gold and topped off with large canary diamonds and smaller white diamonds with a purity of 20.03 and 10.76 carats respectively. The cufflinks sport a diamond whale flip-back closure.

A pair of these gorgeous beauties will set you back by a hefty $4.2 million, expensive even by high standards. Incidentally, Jacob & Co. had earlier offered an engagement ring for sale that’s almost identical to the one presented to Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie by fiancé Brad Pitt. Costing $530,000, it features a large white square-cut diamond in the center surrounded by smaller stones around the band.

Jacob & Co. is a name that has been a favorite brand with the celebrities from the stylish David Beckham to Kanye West. The company also provided the jewelry for singer Alicia Keys’ wedding that consisted of a stunning diamond headpiece designed with more than 60 carats of the precious stones. Actor Tom Cruise and soccer star David Beckham have also worn the company’s Epic II timepieces, testament to Jacob & Co.’s influence among the stars.

Via: Global14/ Jacobandco

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