Jacqueline Bisset | $ 30 Million
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Jacqueline Bisset Net Worth

United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 30 Million
Jacqueline Bisset
Jacqueline Bisset
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Born on: 13th Sep 44 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: 0 Occupation: Actor, Film Producer
Jacqueline Bisset is one of the most sought after stunning beauty and international film stars holding a respectful place for nearly four decades. She has a well sculpted sexy body defying age and time with a still- supple skin and sparkling eyes and hair. She believes in inner beauty and does not resort to cosmetics and surgery for maintaining herself. A brand ambassador for Avon, she has a stylish line in outfits that sets her apart
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A chic and figure enhancing dress in satin-aubergine. The pleated and flared bottom makes an interesting change. So is the panel in the centre that brings out the iridiscence in the fabric. Pleats and gathers are cleverly tucked into the bodice and straps that's perfectly alluring as a bridesmaid's dress. Available in duppion, satin, taffeta and shantung too.

Grey Dress

Jacqueline Bisset

An utterly stunning dress that is a combo of jersey and silk chiffon that can handle the cold season and stand out in a crowd. It's figure hugging material and charming silk collar and chiffon cap sleeves spells daintiness and style.


Jacqueline Bisset

At the AARP Magazine's 10th Annual Movies for Grown ups Awards, held in Beverly Hills on 7th February 2011, Jacqueline Bisset presents herself in a stunning silver grey vest. She wore this on a sleek grey outfit that set off her sparkling grey blue eyes that takes your breath away. And this, at the age of 64 years.

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