Jaeger Le Coultre recreates ‘The Kiss’ painting by Gustav Klimt on its latest watch

Andrea Divirgilio / February 17, 2012

After the 80th anniversary Reverso series last year, we were left wondering about a new stroke of creativity from the luxury watch maker, when suddenly we saw the AMVOX 5 Chronograph LMP1 watch. And before we got bored, all of us watch lovers have been given the gift of the Atmos Marqueterie ‘The Kiss’ clock, which brings back to life the famous piece of work by Gustav Klimt. Hopefully, those who have cherished different works of the artist, and like collecting specimens, could definitely take a shot at getting one of these 10 clocks.

Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Marquetry The Kiss clock

Way back in 1904, Belgian financer Adolphe Stoclet had commissioned Gustav Klimt to create a piece of art that would build on what his core strength would be; mosaics. Out of that tryst in destiny was born the Kiss, which gave Klimt much of the fame he is now known for. It is also later found, that the artist used 1,200 pieces of wood, each covered individually with gold leaf to create this master piece, especially the marquetry on the exterior. After all these years, it comes alive in this form, where exotic wood varieties such as maple, walnut, Ceylon lemon, pear, madrona burl and ash burl create a cabinet to house this horological masterpiece. The automatic responsive cabinet open up to show the crystal sapphire covered dial, which is again a specimen of the Le Coultre brilliance which hides the very button operating this function. With a simple setting, this grand unveiling happens on its own. Speaking of the dial, it features generous use of handcrafted mother of pearl on the main dial, where as the built in moon phase indicator uses gold, diamonds and petrified wooden varieties. The interior lining of the cabinet however, is rhodium and crystal glass.

Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Marquetry The Kiss clock

Speaking of the technicals, there is a Jaeger Le Coultre caliber 582 movement at the center of the clocking function. It comprises of 386 handcrafted components, each put together individually. The beating rate for the movement is pegged at 120 vibrations per hour. As for the functioning goes, there is the hour, minutes, 24-hour indicator, month and also the moon phase tracker. However, word regarding the price of this masterpiece isn’t out as yet but shouldn’t be a concern if something is this attractive to look at.

Via: Jaeger Lecoultre/ Montres

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