Jaguar XE Convertible

$ 60 Thousand
Top Speed
170 (mph)

British sports-car making giant Jaguar has come up with a luxurious and charming 2-seater sports car model, the Jaguar XE Convertible, which proves itself the best against the competition with the Porsche 911. Based on the platform of the XK, this model with a fully modern styling has ultra new features like updating headlights, 8 speed automatic transmission, 3 or 5 liters of V6 S/C petrol engine, the shortened wheelbase and sheet metal, smaller front edge of the rear fender and the door seam. This shortened version of the XK model prices from $60,000, and has been conceptualized on the Jaguar’s CX16 launch in 2011 at Frankfurt Auto Show. XE model is available in both in coupe and convertible according the choice of the sports car dealer.


Being in competition with the Porsche 911, this totally vibration proof vehicle boasts chassis' made up of aluminum, while the roof of the car is made of fiber which is electrically operated. Also the roof is insulated from any kind of thermal activity and sound. Center of gravity of the car's body is kept low. Engine capacity varies from model V6 to V8 with RPM equals to 6500, which allows the car to reach a top speed of 260km/hour and to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. The power statistics are 250kW and 335 HP at the rate 6500 RPM, and the torque is nearly about 450 N-m per 3500-5000 RPM.


The interior consists of two–theater set up which is impressively furnished with leather jacket. The center stack is much smaller and more compact than the XK model. The control buttons available inside are made up of aluminum. Finest Touchscreen display with three HVAC knobs below it and the TFT screen in the instrument panel gives the rider the help of flawless driving. Availability of climate control, usage of USB, Bluetooth and WiFi provides adequate finishing and appealing looks. Audio system uses Meridian Technology with ten in one speaker of 380 MW. In addition to that there is a dual tone gauge used for exchanging news.


The visual impact of the Jaguar XE is much more recognizable for the sports car lovers. Most appealing softer and wider grill shape, the headlights have got the updated from the XK model, Bi-function HID xenon headlights, gives a stunning look that makes the owner ride it with pride. Headlights are bent in accordance with the steering which adds ease of visibility at night. The door panel can be made active only by the key or pressing a touch sensitive area of the handle. Further, the usage of clamshell bonnet helps with stretch back from the front side of the grill. The car has got length and height about 2600mm and 1300mm respectively, and its light weight body frame has been made out of aluminium chassis.