Jaguar XFR
Jaguar XFR | $ 82,000
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Jaguar XFR

Jaguar XFR

XF is a coveted series of executive cars from Jaguar; which they launched as a concept in 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Idea was to replace aging S-type. Production and delivery started in 2008. However, the production version had got some restyling compared to the actual concept prototype. Till date, Jaguar has introduced several versions of XF with different engine specs and trims. In 2009, they brought in XFR with supercharged engine keeping premium luxury and unmatched performance in mind. Priced around US $82,000, this four-door luxuriously comfortable and pretty-quick-on-its-wheels sedan is worth of every single cent.


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In case you can’t take eyes off the superbly styled exterior, interior is no less astonishing. Inside, from head to toe it’s covered with leather; absolutely no cloth. You get touch-sensitive glove compartment and background soft lighting around almost every single control. They offer pretty elegant ambiance illumination. XFR is full of everything those looking after all convenience and comfort. Standard XFR comes with heated and well-ventilated perforated soft seats. Besides, you get soft flooring and needle-stitched leather on instrument panel. It also comes with rear and front climate control feature with sunroof. In-cabin music system could be a good feast for audiophiles as XFR sports 1200W Bowers & Wilkins system. For safe driving, you have touch screen navigation and blind-spot monitoring technology. Adaptive headlamps with intelligent beaming technology could be real help in dimly lighted ambiance. For parking, rear and front parking sensors are, though, standard in the class. Every XFR comes with side and dual front airbags, ABS, stability control and emergency brake assist.


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Best part of its exterior design is, that it actually looks as good as any Jaguar. Big front mesh-like grill looks really good with little bit of low stance. Its 20 inch sized alloy wheels fits great onto the overall design. Side bodylines are perfectly smooth. In fact, designer completely followed fluid dynamics even before hitting tunnel test. No extra bulged out flesh is visible. This made the car even good in appearance. Slanted coupe-styled body line and upraised boot-lid do the job of keeping the car stable without standing out in the wind’s way. Perfect aerodynamics offers it a drag coefficient of around 0.30; which is pretty good for a four-door sedan. XFR comes in two standard and 8 attractive metallic shades.

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