James Bond Car up for Auction

Ivan Andrews / August 8, 2013

Die hard fans of James Bond can soon take home a part of history. One lucky bidder will soon be getting a chance to take 007 home. RM autos in London will be auctioning The Lotus Esprit Series 1   “Submarine Car”. The car was a part of the 1977 Bond movie ‘ The Spy Who Loved Me’ starring Roger Moore.

A specialty of the “Submarine Car” is that the same has been built from Esprit body shells. The car as claimed by designer is a fully operational, self propelled submarine. This special car was designed by Florida based Perry Oceanographic.

During the course of the shooting for ‘ The Spy Who Loved Me’ the car was driven by Don Griffin. Don was a retired Navy Seal and he used motorized propellers for powering the car. The car was maneuvered with the help of levered steering mechanism.

The car if designed during present times would have cost $400,000 and the same cost around $100,000 in 1970’s.

The history of the famed “Submarine Car” is much impressive though. The car first came in public preview during 1989 when a Long Island contractor wished to buy contents of a container. He only paid $100 for the same, realizing little that perhaps he was buying a piece of history.

On opening the same, the next day the contractor realized that the container had a white car with a dented roof. Later during an authentication done by Doug Redenius of the Ian Fleming Foundation, it came to notice that the car was the same that was used during a James Bond movie.

The car which was bought by the owner for only $100 can now fetch him $1 million. The car has generated a lot of interest among James Bond fans and those who have keen interest in cars. An interesting fact about the proposed auction is that the owner prefers to remain anonymous. The only fact that is known about the owner is that he is into the business of renting construction tools and is a modest guy.

Redenius who is dealing with the proposed auction has reportedly told the owner that this sale will perhaps bring a dramatic change in his fortunes. Firstly, the world will get to know the person who owned this historic car for decades. Secondly, the life of the owner is set to change as huge amount of money is expected to be generated from the upcoming auction.

Redenius can be credited with discovering the car, verifying and authenticating the same and connecting the original buyer with RM auctions, which has now arranged the auction that will perhaps now generate over $1 million for the lucky owner.

Redenius further added that some other Lotus cars that were used in the movie are either a part of collection in some museums or have got damaged beyond repair. The anonymous owner of  “Submarine Car” is perhaps lucky enough to come across RM Auctions that has brought the famed James Bond car to public attention.




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