James Bond’s Goldfinger Aston Martin DB5 replica for collectors

Andrea Divirgilio / September 2, 2011

Aston Martin DB5  used in James Bond Goldfinger

The iconic Aston Martin DB5 which was driven around by Sean Connery in the ‘Goldfinger’ edition of James Bond movies, can now is bought alive as a 1:8 replica in your homes, due to an initiative by EON Productions and Aston Martin. This joint initiative along with GE Fabbri Ltd, will have a special series of part-work magazine, along with which, all parts of the robotic vehicle will be delivered to the subscribers over 85 weeks, after which a complete model of the car can be rebuilt by the fans.

Aston Martin, who is spearheading the project has ensured, that attention is paid to every small detail of the car parts. Using the blue prints of the actual DB5 model, each part has been recreated with the closest detailing possible including the microscopic screws! After doing so, these components will be delivered with each issue of a special edition part-work magazine by GE Fabbri, over a period of 85 weeks so that the fans can derive the pleasure of recreating the iconic vehicle in their homes, with their own hands. This magazine will have detailed accounts and pictorials about the making of the movie, Goldfinger DVDs, H.F. Ullman’s book, screwdrivers, crew box, and binder apart from the parts of the model replica. Also, special car has been taken to ensure that subscribers to the magazine do not miss any issue, by opening up new logistical networks and systems allowing for safe and timely delivery of the much coveted limited edition of the magazine. In short, truly unique indeed!

Aston Martin DB5  used in James Bond Goldfinger

For those who are interested in classic vehicles used by the famous fictional detective, our coverage of the DB4 Aston Martin would be a great reference point. But from now on, we begin to imagine the thrill the subscribers of the magazine when they recreate what Sir Connery drove in Goldfinger.


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