James Bond’s Tom Ford tab collar shirt, Tuxedos from SkyFall and Jay-Z Signed Jersey for sale

Andrea Divirgilio / November 5, 2012

Tom Ford’s James Bond Tab Collar Shirts and Tuxedos

James Bond's Tom Ford collar shirt from SkyFall

An Ian Fleming creation of the cold war era, the British literary and film character James Bond, the world’s best known secret service agent with code 007, a notorious womanizer, masculine icon, and immaculately attired elitist action hero, is now just ruling the box-office with its 23rd appearance on the silver-screen portrayed by macho-actor Daniel Craig. And in the film Skyfall, Daniel Craig’s form-fitting suits and classic wardrobe by designer Tom Ford, who worked for the 2nd time with the James Bond franchise, is actually serving the character building in a rebooted James Bond universe. And, those who have seen Skyfall, they might have noticed the body-hugging suits along with the tab collar shirts. As, for the first time in Bond history, 007 has opted for a shirt with tab collar, which is possibly Tom Ford’s subtle nod to bring Bond into the new era.

James Bond's Tom Ford collar shirt from SkyFall

Now, whoever wishes to dress like Bond can head to Selfridges in London to pick-up the Tom Ford tab collar shirts, and the Tom Ford’s James Bond Evening Tuxedos, a deep navy shawl collar jacket with black satin lapels (pictured below)Bond.

Tom Ford’s James Bond Evening Tuxedos

From Brioni suits to Tom Ford wardrobe, Bond’s on-screen style has gone for a transformation over the years. Recently, we saw the sale of a two-piece charcoal wool suit by Brioni worn by Pierce Brosnan as 007 in the “The World Is Not Enough” selling for $25,960, a price way more than its pre-sale estimate of $4,500 at the Chrisite’s Bond Memorabilia Auction celebrating the 50 Years of James Bond.

Jay-Z signed Nets jersey sold for $2,000 in charity auction

Jay-Z signed Nets jersey sold for $2,000 in charity auction

A cultural icon, Brooklyn Nets investor, a rapper, and record producer Shawn Corey Carter, better known as Jay-Z started the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation with his mother to give an opportunity to the less fortunate one who need financial assistance to gain a higher education. Now, as a part of online auction to help this charity, a Brooklyn Nets jersey duly signed by hip-hop icon Jay-Z got sold for almost $2,000. Held on the official NBA Auctions website, the auction saw the sale of 10 of the new Brooklyn Nets jerseys, each signed ‘PEACE Jay-Z’.

Jay-Z signed Nets jersey sold for $2,000 in charity auction

Notably, the jerseys were part of a limited run of 800 created for Jay-Z’s 8 shows at the Nets’ Barclay Centre stadium to mark its opening.

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