James De Wulf’s $4,200 Steel Fan Table is industrial art

Andrea Divirgilio / July 6, 2012

Recognized for his innovative work with custom concrete design and known for his ability to fuse the most advanced concrete technology with modern, beautiful, and natural forms to create a piece of functional art, James DeWulf of DeWulf Concrete has now created an impressive and wonderful example of masterful industrial design, the Steel Fan coffee table. Described to be an industrial chic to the core, this beautiful functional coffee table crafted from sliced steel plate cast into a concrete octagon is actually made to justly look like a fan.

James De Wulf's $4,200 Steel Fan Table is industrial art

James De Wulf's $4,200 Steel Fan Table is industrial art

This surprisingly functional multi-leveled art piece of a coffee table sports separate individual 3/8” thick steel plates that can support all the home decorative pieces in a way that is visually and aesthetically very pleasing, especially to the individuals with an inclination towards home decoration. This industrial piece of art is also perfect for storing things of routine home use, as the arrangements that can be made out of the leveled fan blades as per the use are endless.

James De Wulf's $4,200 Steel Fan Table is industrial art

The octagonal concrete center area not only gives support to the coffee table, but also adds to the destructed vibe of the functional piece of art. Boasting delightful light grayish taupe color, the Steel Fan coffee table measuring 48” dia. X 18” h, is one of those furniture design pieces that one designs the rest of the living room around.

James De Wulf's $4,200 Steel Fan Table is industrial art

Also, the designer James DeWulf himself recommends hanging a low candelabra, a three-branched candelabrum with candles, over it with a long chain.

James De Wulf's $4,200 Steel Fan Table is industrial art

For those discerning individuals with great appreciation for designer furniture, art and home living, buying James DeWulf’s Steel Fan coffee table at a price of $4,200 will be a reasonable deal to decorate the home with a piece of industrial art.

Speaking about the James DeWulf’s concrete art, the designer is notably raising the bar on concrete design both ecologically and visually with his handcrafted furnishings like the block chair, the ping pong dining table which functions as a dining table as well as a regulation size ping pong table, and the Grating coffee table, to name a few. However, we have also earlier seen the sculptural concrete table tennis platforms by Henge, which is made up of three pieces of sculpture-like reinforced concrete.

James DeWulf concrete art

Via: TrendHunter / JamesDeWulf

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