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Jamie Lee Curtis Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 35 Million
Jamie Lee Curtis
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Born on: 22nd Nov 58 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actress and author
Born Jamie Lee Curtis, Lady Haden-Guest has an estimated net worth of $35 million. Known as the “scream queen” for a better part of her career, Jamie Lee Curtis in real life is an author, actor and blogger, all at one go. The actor who shot to fame as the lead face in horror flicks like Halloween, Prom Night, The Fog and Terror Train, has, over time compiled a body of work that spans different genres. Side-by-side, Jamie Lee Curtis- the author has earned as many accolades as Curtis the actor. Her book even made The New York Times best-seller list. Curtis has also been seen in a series of advertisements through time and is now a blogger for The Huffington Post online newspaper. Jack of all trades, eh?   Jamie Lee Curtis has an estimated wealth of $35 million dollars. As an actor, Jamie made mark in movies and television alike. Her silver screen debut occurred in the 1978 movie Halloween. The film, which went on to become a massive success at the box office, made Jamie Lee Curtis a household name overnight. Curtis was subsequently cast in a number of horror flicks, famously garnering her the title -scream queen. Acting apart, Curtis has gained money and fame through a number of different creative discourses. Curtis, in conjunction with author Laura Cornell, has penned a series of children’s books. She is also a blogger for the Huffington post and in 1987, invented diaper with moisture-proof pockets-a find which she flatly refused to be marketed by companies until they started selling biodegradable diapers.   Jamie, in the early days of her career, appears to have spent money left, right and center. An alcoholic and pain-killer addict, Jamie became sobered around the year 1999. Recovery, the actor maintains, is one of the biggest achievements of her life. While not much is known of Jamie’s current spendings, the actor, together with husband Christopher Guest, stays in a sprawling The 5-bed, 4-bath, 4,108 sq ft home, presently valued at over $ 4 million. Owned previously by actor Joanna Cassidy, the home was featured in architectural digest some ten years back. In 2008, Curtis became the proud owner of an eco-friendly Honda FCX clarity. With the buy, she entered the list of 200 customers in Japan and US who had leased the vehicle for the next few years. For those who did not know- Curtis has also admitted to have gone under the knife several times- investments which, according to the actor, have never helped her really!   Jamie was born in Santa Monica to actor parents. In 1984, she married actor Christopher Guest. The couple has adopted two children. In 1996, Christopher, upon his father’s death became Baron Haden-Guest- a position which made Jamie the Barony of Haden-Guest automatically. An environment activist, children’s author, Jamie toward the beginning of her career was an alcoholic. She was finally able to overcome the spell of alcohol in 1999. Today, Curtis is involved in several charitable services and spends her time being a blogger for The Huffington Post.
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