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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 400 Million
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Born on: 17th May 75 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Food business
Born on 27th May in 1975, the famous chef and a media personality, James Trevor “Jamie” Oliver is famous for his several television shows which focus on food, and also more remarkably for his campaign against the processed food in national schools. The noble campaign mainly focuses over the improvement of the diet and cooking which is most of the times unhealthy in United Kingdom and United States of America. An expert chef, Jamie Oliver is specialized in Italian cuisine for which he is known for. World`s one of the most renowned chef, Jamie Oliver worked very hard to achieve his portion of fortune and fame. A few years ago his wealth touched £ 40 million and today his total earning is estimated to be in the area of about £ 106 million. So such a whooping income of Jamie Oliver would not have come without tremendous hard work and for this achievement he thanks handlers, who ensure him maximum return. Oliver's contribution to the society and his helping nature leaves no doubt that most of his spending go for charity purpose and the campaign for the betterment of the cooking and healthy diet. His campaign of striving against the unhealthy food and diet made him very successful. Besides this, he also opened restaurants for disabled people so that they can work in hospitability industries. Apart from spending on charity, Jamie Oliver also loves to spend time with his family with full devotion towards his children. Major portion of his spending goes for making the life of his family comfortable. Born and brought up in Essex situated in England, Jamie Oliver`s fascination on cooking came from the pub which was run by his parents. Leaving school at the age of sixteen without any qualification, Jamie Oliver attended Westminster College earning City and Guild NVQ in home economics. He got his first job at Neal`s yard restaurant of Antonio Carluccio which helped him to gain experience in preparing Italian cuisine. He is married to Juliette Norton, who is a former model and they live with their four children named Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver, Petal Blossom Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver, Rainbow Oliver and Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver.
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