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Net Worth $ 20 Million
Javier Bardem
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Born on: 1st Mar 69 Born in: Spain Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor
Javier Bardem is a renowned Spanish actor whose foray into the glamor industry began with his first major film “The ages of Lulu” at an young age of 20 years. He garnered fame and critical acclaim for the 1992 Spanish film “Jamon,Jamon” essaying the role of a bull-fighter. In 2007 Javier was awarded the Oscars in the “Best Supporting Actor” category for portraying the role of a psychopathic assassin in the movie 'No Country for Old Men'. The artist has also been honored with a Golden Globe, BAFTA and many other prestigious awards for his contribution to the world of movies. Bardem’s has a net worth in excess of ‘$20 million’. In the earlier part of his career Javier earned his corn by acting in Spanish movies and was one of the highest paid actors in Spain. He is one of the few select Spanish actors to successfully navigate the cultural barrier of Hollywood movies and has been equally successful in mainstream English movies. The actor’s considerable financial muscle has ensured that he can afford to give his family the very best money can buy. Javier loves to live in large mansions and has spent the best part of the last five years in a three bedroom 3400 square feet house in West Hollywood, Los Angles, California. The mansion estimated to be worth around ‘$3.5 million’ also possesses a swimming pool. Recently Bardem sold off the property and is on the lookout for a new residence but has not finalized any deal yet. The actor loves to spend most of his spare time with his family and frequently takes them out on vacations. The Spaniard likes to unwind by listening to heavy metal music. Javier has a well-earned reputation as an activist and has lent his support to causes like the legalization of same sex marriage and the illegal use of conflict minerals by vested corporate interests. Javier Bardem was born in Las Palmas to an actress mother and businessman father. He has two siblings named Carlos and Monica who are also a part of the acting profession. Bardem endured a very painful childhood since his parents separated when he was very young and was raised by his mother. The artist comes from a film background and is the grandson of famous yester-years Spanish actor Rafael Berdem. Javier has always maintained a low profile therefore his personal life has mainly been free of controversies. The actor was in a committed relationship with fellow co-actor Penelope Cruz since 2007 but never admitted to it publicly. The couple tied the knot more than two years back and it was reported in September 2010 that they were expecting a child. The happy couple has been blessed with a baby boy in January 2011.
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