Stylish iPod-compatible Aerosystems loudpeakers

Andrea Divirgilio / October 22, 2008

aerosystems aPfBN 48

Developed by Jean-Michel Jarre, the Aerosystems is a system of loudspeakers designed to deliver high-quality sound for the true audiophiles. From conception to production, Aerosystems banks on the latest technologies, finest materials and innovations. The envelope of the enclosure is done in ultra-resistant glass, which adds to the aesthetics of the Aerosystems. An integrated amplifier is in the base of the enclosure. Unlike normal speakers, its electronic circuit signal processing restores low and treble frequencies perfectly for all your MP3 encoding. Available in black or silver, Aerosystems is compatible with iPod 4th generation (color display), iPod 5th generation ,iPod mini, iPod nano, Pod touch, and the iPhone 3G. Retailing for 449 euros, the Aerosystems is one unique design pouring out exceptional sound quality.

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