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Jean Nouvel’s limited edition €70,000 ‘La Table au Km’ wooden table

Andrea Divirgilio / May 18, 2011

jean nouvel la table au km table

Until May 21, the Gagosian Gallery in Paris, in collaboration with Galerie Patrick Seguin, is exhibiting two limited edition furniture units by French architect Jean Nouvel, who is well known for his award-winning buildings and spaces. The highlight of the “Jean Nouvel: Furniture” exhibition is the La Table au Km (2008-2011), a wooden table that’s more than 20 feet long. The La Table au Km (2008-2011) is a narrow wooden table, which is made to measure with a minimum length of 4 meters. Nouvel says…

You can dine at one end, do your work in the middle, and keep the far end for amusement or invite forty to dinner.

the kilometer table by jean nouvel

The amazing proportions of the table are determined by a constructive principle whereby its span is supported within the thickness of the material itself, which is a lamination of oak and hornbeam. Theoretically, the table is limitless. Limited to six units, the La Table au Km endless table sells for €70,000 ($99,775).

jean nouvel storage box

Jean Nouvel’s second creation on exhibit is the Boîte à outils (1987-2011), which is a storage system based on the staple toolbox found in every home. While the Table au Km is fabricated in Italy by Unifor, the Boite à Outils is made in France by Decayeux.

Via: FranceToday/Gagosian

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