Jeff Koon’s Baroque Egg on sale at the Christie’s London event

Andrea Divirgilio / April 5, 2012

With Easter around the corner, all varieties of the Easter egg seem to be doing the rounds. We had earlier spoken of the most expensive chocolate Easter egg by William Curley, which was a non-jeweled edition. Earlier than that, there was the Faberge Diamond Jubilee Egg which was created for commemorating the British Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year year stint on the throne. Now, one of history most famous and well known jeweled editions of the Jeff Koon’s Baroque egg with bow will now go for sale at Christie’s London auction event. The Baroque egg with bow is known to fetch anything in the region of ($3.97million-$5.56 million) as per the estimates.

Jeff Koons Easter egg

Going at the construction details, this egg has been made with high-chromium stainless steel with unique transparent enamel for the coloring. Measuring a sizeable 78 3/8th inches by 76 ¾ inches by 64 1/8th inches, this egg surpasses most by volume, and the time frame within which this egg was made is equally interesting; 1994-2008. Now for an Easter egg that’s a sizeable duration of time! Also, this egg is one of the 5 that were ever made with this careful artistic methodology of using turquoise blue transparent enamel, due to which the quality of work becomes fairly obvious.

During the 1990’s, artist Jeff Koons took a very special liking to the festival of Easter, which set him off on this creative spree. He ended up creating 5 of these master eggs, one of which is going on sale with the premium price tag. We just, wonder who amongst the British billionaires will be vouching for this million dollar Easter Egg. Also, what if it all was actual chocolate? Foodies just can’t stop imagining some things!

Via: Christie’s

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