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Jeffrey Koons Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 100 Million
Jeff Koons
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Born on: 21st Jan 55 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Artist and Sculptor
Born Jeffrey "Jeff" Koons has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Koons,  known for his reproductions of banal objects is an American artist. He has earned his net worth from his works as an artist  which  sold for substantial sums of money. He was a commodities broker, first at Clayton Brokerage Company and then at Smith Barney. His early work as an artist was in the form of conceptual sculpture, an example of which is The Pre-New, a series of domestic objects attached to light fixtures. In  the 1970s, he started creating sculptures using inflatable toys, one of his most famous artworks is the  Rabbit. He is also known for his  Luxury and Degradation series which is  is a group of works thematically centered on alcohol. His banality series which  culminated in 1988 with Michael Jackson and Bubbles, a series of three life-size gold-leaf plated porcelain statues of the sitting singer cuddling Bubbles, his pet chimpanzee sold  for $5.6 million. His Balloon Dog art work became  the most expensive work by a living artist sold at auction which amounted to $58.4 million.  
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