Jeremy Lingvall and Arianna
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Jeremy Lingvall and Arianna
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Born on: 1st Jan 70 Born in: Marital status: Occupation: Actor

The billionaire media mogul “David Geffen” dated California University graduate “Jeremy Lingvall” since 2006, when he met his Toy boy for the first time. After the first meeting, despite a 40-year age difference between the two, Jeremy became an indispensable part of Geffen’s life, which was clearly evident as the tight bodied Toy boy was often spotted on Geffen’s yacht “Rising Sun” enjoying A-list celebrity parties and also accompanied his beloved partner to high-profile events, including the first state dinner at President Obama’s White House in 2009.

Blessed with ultra charming looks, 27 year old Jeremy enjoyed a life of private planes, yachts, games, vacation trips, parties, lavish mansions and interaction with eminent celebrities accompanying his long-term partner David, before their break up in 2012.  The duo also enjoyed acquiring the courtside seats at “Lakers” basket ball games and trips to China and Corfu.

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