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Jessica Simpson Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 150 Million
Jessica Simpson
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Born on: 10th Jul 80 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Recording artist, actress, TV personality & fashion designer
Jessica Simpson net worth is estimated at $150 million. Jessica Simpson is an US recording artist who rose to prominence in 1999. She has also starred in TV shows, movies and commercials and successfully launched a line of beauty products, shoes and fragrances for women. This multi-talented girl has also notched up 2 multi-platinum studio albums and sold 30 million copies across the world. That's not all! She has also achieved as many as 7 Billboard Top 40 hits and entered the country music market in 2008 augmenting Jessica Simpson net worth. In the first half of 2010 she released a reality show on VH1 titled "The Price of Beauty" and in the same she released her first compilation album. Lately Jessica Simpson has been the talk of the town in NYC but for good reasons though. According to latest reports, her clothing and accessory lines recorded a stupendous sale of $750 million in 2010 expanding Jessica Simpson net worth. In 2011 signed a $3 million deal with Weight Watchers although some press reports suggest that she will get $4 million for this deal. Jessica has also done a number of commercials for Pizza Hut, Proactiv Solution and ice Breakers. In 2006 the Cheesy Bites pizza was made popular by Pizza Hut through her advertising campaigns. She also promoted the same pizza in 2007 at the Super Bowl. All these became a stream of income for  Jessica Simpson net worth. Jessica owns a huge house on Lime Orchard Road in Beverly Hills which she bought in 2005. It spreads over 5500 sq ft and has 5 bedrooms and 6 full bathrooms. She had to spend close to $5,275,052 for this property which has a long private back yard too. But there were rumors that she intends to sell this property and find a new home in New York. We don't know for sure but what we do know is that last year Jessica forked out $600,000 for a Porsche 911 for her mother and a Maybach for her father. No wonder, Jessica was delcared 'Daughter of the year' by some section of the pres. She drives an Escalade and a Ferrari for her own personal use. Thanks to Jessica Simpson net worth for all these luxurious spending. Jessica was born in Texas who had a dream to be on the radio right from childhood. Her family supporter her throughout and she managed to work her way to the desk of the President of Columbia Records. Then started an astonishing singing career that helped her to bag even a double Platinum for a major album. She married Nick Lachey in 2002 but got divorced four years later. In November, 2010 she got engaged to Eric Johnson. She is one of the riches celebrities in US today and as per reported figures she earned $7 million in 2007.
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Jessica Simpson Estates and Homes (2)

Beverly Hills home

Beverly Hills home

Jessica Simpson reportedly forked out around $3 million for her home in Beverly Hills. The house looks lovely and Ms Simpson must be congratulated for finding out such a well located home. The unique landscaping ensures complete privacy and the house is located in a gated enclave.

Location - Ms Simpson's property is located on Lime Orchard Road in Beverly Hills.

Accommodation - The house spreads over 5,500 sq ft and it features 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The house has a courtyard entrance and flagstone terracing. There is a private back yard which is fairly large and a lap pool. The interiors have been beautifully decorated by Ms Simpson and one can easily see that much thought has gone behind the decoration of this house. There is a juke box in the family room which, we believe, can be dispensed with.The inside walls of the house are colored in white which actually helps to harness the filtered light and throw it in different corners of the room.

Features - The landscaping is a salient feature of this property as it lends a sense of privacy to it. There is a pool at the back of the house but the rooms do not command a great view. In fact, a couple of them actually overlooks the lap pool.

Neighborhood - The Lime Orchard Road has witnessed a number of celebrities over the years including Jami Gertz and her husband Tony Ressler and TV executive, Tom Freston.

Los Angeles mansion

Los Angeles home

Jessica Simpson buys the lavish Los Angeles mansion from Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharonor Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon for a sum of $13 million. 

Location: The expensive property is located in Hidden Trails area in Los Angeles, California, USA.


The 11,000 square feet mansion is situated inside a massive estate measured at 2.5 acres, and boasts a house featuring 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

The beautiful living room displays Sharon’s Italian dolls and a reclaimed brick fireplace along with a large Lee Stanton Antique wall clock.

The dining room has been decorated with a Directoire-style fireplace along with a massive 19th century French chandelier, and the master bedroom possesses a rare Marie Antoinette chaise.

The kitchen has been fitted with latest modern appliances.

A guest apartment is also located inside the premises, while the terrace offers a great view of Los Angeles City.

Features: With the flooring is made from Travertine limestone, the house features a lot of antique 19th century French furniture, a swimming pool and the spa located on the terrace and lined with quartzite tiles. The terrace also houses a barbeque island and an outdoor shower, whereas the home studio is used by Ozzy to record new albums. 

Neighborhood: Pop diva Britney Spears and actress Denise Richards are Osbourne’s neighbors.

Jessica Simpson Autos and Cars (3)

Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

The super-rich Jessica Simpson simply loves to drive her white Cadillac Escalade. It is a luxury SUV which is sold in the US market. The car looks youthful and flamboyant and fits perfectly to the image of Ms Simpson. The 6.2 liter V8 engine deliver more than 400 horsepower and the inside has some of the best features that you can ever come across a car. Be it the Bose surround sound audio systems of the heated front and second row of seats. But many critics have panned the car saying that the feel of the car is not at all good. Though the actress may not agree!

Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner

Bentley Continental GTC Mulliner

Before she got hold of her cadillac, Jessica used to drive a Bentley Mulliner for as long as three years. The exterior is metallic black and the interiors are lovely with Speed steering wheel. She just loved driving this car but parted with it eventually.

Range Rover

Jessica Simpson drives Range Rover

When it comes to driving out with her fiance Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson seems to favor using her Range Rover. In its new avatar, it arrives as a greener and more luxurious SUV. It is much lighter (up to 200 kgs) due to the use of an aluminium chassis and the four-wheel drive system combined with 8-speed transmission and 335 bhp V8 diesel engine ensure a smooth, yet powerful ride. The SUV is able to hit 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds. It also arrives as a petrol variant which is much more powerful with a 503 bhp engine. A mind-blowing Meridian sound system is an example of the luxury enshrined in the interiors. All safety features arrive in the vehicle.

Jessica Simpson Pets (1)


Jessica has a lovely and adorable Malti-Poo dog named "Daisy". The caramel colored dog was all of 5 years when it was snatched by a coyote. Daisy has been Jessica's favorite companion and it becomes very difficult for her to live even a minute without her furry friend.

Jessica Simpson’s pet pooch named Daisy Mae was killed in extremely unfortunate circumstances when the pet was dragged and killed by a pack of wild coyotes in Los Angeles on September 2010. The unfortunate incident happened right in front of Jessica’s eyes but she was powerless to prevent it.

Jessica Simpson Brands (1)

Hogan bag

Hogan Bag

The beautiful actress is often seen carrying a Hogan bag wherever she goes. It seems that she is attracted toward this brand. She carries the Hogan handbag wherever she goes.

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