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Net Worth $ 45 Million
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Born on: 9th Jul 59 Born in: Scotland Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Singer-songwriter
Born as James "Jim" Kerr has an estimated net worth of $45 million. This singer-songwriter is one of the members that began the punk rock band named Johnny and the self abusers. Eventually, it was changed to Simple Minds. This gentleman played keyboard and sang along together with another member John Milarky. The album Graffiti Soul was released in 2009. A year later, he released his first album Lostboy AKA Jim Kerr. Kerr was born to Irish parents. He used to be a student at Holyrood R.C. Secondary School. Back in 1977, he is likewise one of the founding members of the 6-piece punk rock band Johnny and the Self Abusers. Kerr called himself Pripton Weird and played keyboards while sharing vocals together with John Milarky. Allan McNeil was also involved with the band and became the manager of the Pop band Hue and Cry. This band lasted for eight months and during this time, Kerr was one of the main songwriters. However, the band changed their name to Simple Minds and became a four-member band. Then increased to five, then six, then went back to five. Kerr continues to record and tour with Simple Minds and released an album in May. Today, he lives in Taormina, Sicily. More so, he runs a hotel Villa Angela. There are three UK club dates in spring of 2010 which features both new material and also Simple Minds’ back catalogue. A full European tour followed.
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