J.K.Rowling plans 40-foot tree houses for her kids
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J.K.Rowling plans 40-foot tree houses for her kids

J.K.Rowling plans 40-foot tree houses for her kids

The couple has submitted the plans to the City of Edinburgh Council earlier this month, and once the plans are approved, the couples younger children, David, 9, and Mackenzie, 7, will be able to enliven their dreams of living in Hogwarts-like structures in reality.

Built by the timber from sustainably managed forests

The tree houses will feature conical turrets, a 12-inch door, a spiral staircase, and will be connected by a rope bridge. The author also has plans to throw in some magic with a secret tunnel underneath the entrance ramp for exit and a fireman’s pole around back. The adventure-filled private escape will also feature a basket and pulley to descend from their towers on stilts. The wooden tree houses will look equally beautiful with lanterns around the doors and balconies.

Adventurous treehouse for children

The luxurious treehouses we have earlier told you about includes, the 40-foot treetop hideaway of a Russian billionaire's son in Northamptonshire , celebrity Heath Ledger’s Treehouse, which he has put up on the market for sale at at $3 Million, the $73,000, Victoria Beckham too has reportedly splashed out $50,000 on a treehouse for her boys.

Twin tree houses

Besides, the treetop hideaways, celebrities are known to pamper their tots with luxury indulgences, only the one-percent can afford. The Canadian singer, Celine Dion’s beach front property, “Jupiter Island mansion” in Florida features a 500000 Gallon backyard waterpark!

Drawing of proposed tree house

Via: Today/DailyMail

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