JMC Lutherie collaborates with Hublot for a special edition Soundboard

Andrea Divirgilio / March 14, 2012

Hublot was and continues to associate with 2 main things: ‘haute horologie’ and fine jewelry designing. The latest specimen of that was rather blingy $5million tourbillon timepiece for Baselworld 2012. But like most enterprises today, they have diversified into the arena of high-end audio equipment with the partnership with JMC Lutherie, to bring in the All Black special edition Soundboard. Along with optimum sound quality, craftsmanship with rare fabrics likes carbon fiber and 350-year old Swiss Spruce resonance wood, apart from Nomex too. The price tag of the series is $31,270 for each unit, without the shipping or VAT charges.

Hublot JMC Lutherie soundboard

The construction of this device combines the modernity of fabrication and physical construction, by combining woven carbon fiber with the Novex honeycomb structure within the mainframe. Since sound output also depends a lot on the quality of fabrication, special care has been taken to choose the 350-year old Swiss Spruce resonance wood that works to not only produce great sound output, but also add to some overall aesthetic sophistication of the Soundboard.

Hublot JMC Lutherie soundboard

The other thing which differentiates great audio devices is the capability to distribute sound over a wider open area, with as much intensity and an area near to it. For the Hublot Lutherie soundboard, this is taken care of by the omni directional plane wave, which also happens to be the result of the ancient Swiss Sprucewood, thus giving a rather lively experience of emancipating sounds. After all, the likes of EPFL Technical University and the HEIG-VD engineering school have done their bit in ensuring nothing is left to chance. Seems like Mr. Jean Claude Biver, chairman of Hublot motivated the experts to put together something pretty. Just hoping it has enough editions in the market for all to buy.

Hublot JMC Lutherie soundboard

Via: JMC Lutherie/ Hublot

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