John Boone’s tables honors his mentor ‘Master of Metals’ Paul Jones
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John Boone’s tables honors his mentor ‘Master of Metals’ Paul Jones

John Boone’s tables honors his mentor ‘Master of Metals’ Paul Jones
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With a design philosophy that is rooted in its history, the heritage of its mentors, pioneers of the marriage of classic and modern, the diflucan without prescription furniture designer John Boone who with his life and business partner Christopher Lockwood owns John Boone Inc., has now paid a respectable tribute to his mentor, the late antique dealer and legendary American furniture designer also known as ‘Master of Metals’ Paul Jones, by reproducing an assemblage of Jones’s timeless table designs. John Boone who’s honored to be the steward for the legacy of the Paul M. Jones Collection, reinterpreted the designs using exotic materials like elm burl, Santos rosewood, French walnut, gold, satin-finished nickel, brass, tigereye mosaic, amethyst, and sea opal, to name a few. Notably, Paul Jones’s design legacy began back in 1958 in New York, and the collection is even more vital and still evolving.

John Boone's redesigned tables honors his mentor 'Master of Metals' Paul Jones

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Paul M Jones Semi Precious Stands detail

The collection of tables that honors Paul Jones includes the $20,700 Louis XVI style FM196 coffee table, which was never produced during Paul Jones lifetime, and has been executed in ordering tablets fluoxetine 20 mg, 10 mg | buy medication without and tested them common purchase fluoxetine without prescription in period for their process to tags: buying online fluoxetine 20 mg, 10 mg, buy cheap fluoxetine 10 mg,  elm burl, Santos rosewood, and French walnut, along with $22,050 FM34 three-part coffee table, which were produced over 40 years ago, and now has been meticulously executed in bronze with a glass top.

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Paul M Jones Amethyst Mosaic detail

However, the $6,450 Louis XV-style cigarette table that Jones called his ‘little precious one’ is the highlight of the collection. It comes in polished or satin-finished nickel or brass, along with option of gold plate, and impressively boasts amethyst mosaic (pictured above), tigereye mosaic (pictured below), or sea opal. (pictures at last)Paul M Jones Tiger Eye Mosaic detail

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